Cartoon image of a man showing his arm where he received a vaccination

Aotearoa NZ COVID-19 Vaccinator online course

This course is now live, and replaces the online courses for COVID-19 Comirnaty grey cap 12+, Comirnaty orange cap 5+ and Nuvaxovid, as well as the webinar and resources for Comirnaty maroon cap.

This one course covers all four COVID-19 vaccines used in Aotearoa, and is essential education for all new COVID-19 vaccinators, covering topics such as safety, efficacy, eligibility, administration, and strategies for promoting vaccination.

It is a shorter course – approximately 2 hours, depending on previous experience and vaccines you will be administering. There is key information on all vaccines, with more detailed information available for those who are administering specific vaccines.

The course is a useful refresher for all COVID-19 vaccinators to ensure you have all the latest resources and guidance in one place.

Our new Learning Management system allows us to update this course as guidance changes, removing the need for different versions of the education and ensuring you always have access to the update information.

For free course access click here

Midwife Vaccinator online course

Our online Midwife Vaccinator course has just been updated.

The tailored course provides midwives with immunisation knowledge relevant to their practice – including the National Immunisation Schedule changes, vaccine composition, safety of vaccines in pregnancy, administration of vaccines, and talking with parents about vaccines.

This course is approved as continuing midwifery education by the Midwifery Council and counts as 8 hours’ professional development.

It can be accessed from our LMS in the same way as other courses, or click here. The cost is $110.