Cartoon image of a man showing his arm where he received a vaccination

The authorisation certificates issued by Te Whatu Ora or the Ministry of Health to Provisional Authorised Vaccinators are valid for two years (from issue date). Vaccinator training is also valid for two years from the date it is completed. To maintain authorisation status, vaccinator training must be kept current. If training expires before the authorisation end date, Provisional Authorised Vaccinators must complete the Provisional Vaccinator Update Course to continue to vaccinate.

To access this course, please email Te Whatu Ora, Vaccinator Authorisations Team to get the package code to access the online course on IMAC’s courses and events page.

If you wish to become a fully authorised vaccinatorafter the closing of the Provisional Vaccinator Update Course or yourProvisional Authorised Vaccinator certificate has expired, you can become partof the immunisation workforce via the Vaccinator Foundation Course pathway.

Registered and enrolled nurses and nurse practitioners, registered pharmacists are eligible for the Vaccinator Foundation Course.