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As of 10.30AM on 4 May 2023, Auckland Regional Public Health Service has ordered Auckland's Albany Senior High School to temporarily close under the Health Act while health authorities investigate a potential measles case.

Quick access to our measles resources can be found below. Additionally, Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health information and Te Whatu Ora public facing information can be found below.

  • Please notify the Medical Officer of Health as soon as you suspect measles – do not wait for a laboratory confirmation.
  • Primary care is encouraged to find out if their staff are immune to measles. If there is measles exposure on-site, immunisation records may be requested.
  • Exposure events listing (contact tracing is being used where possible) 

IMAC is currently promoting the importance of measles vaccination on social media, and will continue this as long as needed. Our resources are here:

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Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health information 

Te Whatu Ora, Health New Zealand: 


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