Becoming part of the workforce

Our communities are diverse, so delivering and supporting equitable immunisation programmes depends on a diverse workforce. Many roles contribute to the success of immunisation in Aotearoa including vaccinators, support workers, kaiāwhina, pharmacists and midwives, to name a few. Here we outline the different roles within the immunisation workforce and give you some idea of what’s involved in joining up.

  • Regulated healthcare professionals – Regulated health workers are registered with their professional organisation. Each year they must demonstrate their ongoing competence and apply for an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC). Registered nurses, doctors, pharmacists and midwives are examples of regulated health workers that are regulated by the nursing council, the pharmacy council and the midwifery council respectively.
  • Non-regulated healthcare professionals – Non-regulated professionals are also qualified, but don’t work under regulations managed by a professional body. Vaccinating Health Workers, Kaiawhina, healthcare assistants, health support workers and pharmacy technicians are examples of non-regulated healthcare professionals.
  • COVID-19 vaccinators – There are specific requirements for regulated and non-regulated healthcare professionals.