Loretta Roberts



Loretta Roberts is the National Director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC), a role she has held for the past year. Previously to this Loretta has worked for the past 20 years with IMAC, her most recent role as National Manager for seven years.

Loretta has an extensive background in nursing, education, and maternal-child health, having practiced across a number of locations in Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Aotearoa, New Zealand. She has used her organisational experience, clinical knowledge, and management skills to support and lead the IMAC team to deliver their wide range of immunisation services.

If you have questions about how IMAC could support the vaccinator workforce and your organisation, or any contractual inquiries, please contact Loretta directly.

Bernadette Heaphy

Programme Manager

RN, BN, PG Dip HealthSci

Bernadette has worked in the immunisation field for over 20 years, first as an RN working in General Practice, then as a CCA assessor and immunisation coordinator. Over the last 11 years, Bernadette has worked a range of roles within IMAC.

Currently, Bernadette manages our foundation and updates the education programme - she also oversees quality projects, particularly surrounding cold-chain. Recently, she has undertaken post-graduate study in public health, vaccinology and management, but still enjoys the opportunity to sit down one-to-one with a parent/caregiver and whānau to do the pointy end of the work.

Jane Morphet

Programme Manager


Jane Morphet has a background in nursing and Midwifery, with a strong focus on education. Prior to working at IMAC, Jane worked in the United Kingdom for many years, specialising in the field of immunisation.

June supports the COVID-19 Regional advisors and their teams of staff. She also manages the 0800IMMUNE staff and works closely with her colleagues developing COVID-19 Education and resources.

Jenny Wong

Operations Manager

Jenny Wong is the Operations Manager for The Immunisation Advisory Centres, COVID-19 Immunisation Education Programme.

Jenny’s experience includes programme and project management, public health and workforce development to foster collaboration.

Sarah Dingle

Administration Manager

Sarah Dingle is an Administration Manager for The Immunisation Advisory Centre.

Joy Gribben

Communications Manager


Joy Gribben is the Communications Manager for the Immunisation Advisory Centre. As an experienced communications manager Joy has developed a broad skill set including communications, media, government relations, public relations, stakeholder engagement, and marketing. Joy has been able to use these on both health and vaccine issues in various roles for Ministers, government agencies, and NGOs.

Working at PHARMAC Joy was able to build an understanding of the complexities of the health system, including vaccine management. More recently Joy worked with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation, and Te Herenga Waka--Victoria University of Wellington.

Theo Brandt

Information Manager


Theo did a BSc(Hons) in Social Psychology with The University of Auckland. Since 2003 Theo has worked across a variety of projects within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and is now Information Manager for IMAC, managing the development of websites, learning systems and other platforms.

Mika Hiroi

Clinical Writer

BMedSc (Biotechnology) | GradDipBiotech (Biomedicine)

Mika joined the IMAC team in 2021 as a clinical writer. Her role includes preparing academic documents, IMAC factsheets, editing and conducting reviews of evidence using scientific literature to guide immunisation policy. Prior to her current role, Mika was a Senior Medical Liaison and medical writer for Programme Care, supporting Australian and New Zealand volunteers in development assignments in the Pacific.

Mika has a background in medical science and biotechnology, and has a keen interest in science, biomedicine and medical writing. She is a frequent speaker & presenter for Health & Wellbeing in the Pacific region for international volunteers.

Shelley Kininmonth

Regional Immunisation Advisor - Central

Registered Nurse

Shelley Kininmonth has been with IMAC for over four years and currently serves as the Regional Advisor in Central. Shelley is an experienced RN, authorised vaccinator, and clinical and cold chain assessor.

Sue Rogers

Regional Immunisation Advisor-Southern

Registered Nurse

Sue Rogers is the regional immunisation advisor working alongside the South Island teams.

Sue has diverse clinical and leadership experience gained across the health sector over many years.

Learning and development is a passion of Sue’s and she is excited to be in a service role that will help make a positive difference to peoples’ lives.

If you are seeking education for your health providers, please contact Sue.