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Cartoon image of a man showing his arm where he received a vaccination

We are seeing an increasing number of queries regarding the timing of the Bexsero booster doses. It is important for best protection to ensure that the recommended minimum intervals are maintained. To help ensure this, it is essential to check a child’s immunisation record (both on your PMS, and in conjunction with an NIR Status Query and viewing of Well Child Book if it is available) prior to vaccine administration to ensure the correct interval between doses.

* Interval between Bexsero doses for children aged <2 years to >10 years. The recommended minimum interval between doses in this age group is 8 weeks (although a 4-week interval is acceptable if clinically indicated). After an 8-week interval between doses 91–100% of children were expected to be protected from meningococcal group B disease compared with 69–100% of children after a 4-week interval.
The safety and efficacy in individuals aged 50 years or over has not been established but there are no safety concerns expected.