July 11, 2023

0800IMMUNE Saturday Service ends

Our 0800IMMUNE Saturday Service has ended – with our Monday-Friday service continuing as normal, operating from 8.30am-5pm each weekday.

Cartoon image of a man showing his arm where he received a vaccination

Last week marked the end of the COVID-19 Saturday service on 0800IMMUNE.

Our Monday-Friday 0800IMMUNE service continues as normal, operating from 8.30am-5pm each weekday.

Saturday, Sunday or public holiday callers can leave a message, which will be responded to on the next business working day. Alternatively, questions can be emailed through to

Please note:

• If you have a cold chain inquiry out of hours, please follow the process outlined in your cold chain policy, and ensure that the vaccines are quarantined until you have received advice from your local immunisation/cold chain coordinator.