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Course structure

This course takes approximately 3.5 to 4* hours of online study which can be completed at your own pace over multiple sessions if necessary. There is no tutorial requirement.  You will then complete an online open-book assessment in your own time. Your certificate will be made available online upon completion of all course requirements.

*Note that the estimated time is based on the core coursework. Accessing suggested optional reading will increase the estimated time to complete.  

Course content

• Vaccine safety

• Current issues and developments in vaccination theory and practice

• Improving immunisation coverage


• Current Annual Practising Certificate

• Current involvement in immunisation service delivery

• Knowledge and familiarity with the current Immunisation Handbook

• Familiarity with the following Immunisation Handbook sections:

o Chapter 2: Processes for safe immunisation

o Appendices 3 and 4

- Immunisation standards for vaccinators and guidelines for organisations offering immunisation services

- Authorisation of vaccinators and criteria for pharmacist vaccinators.