May 8, 2024

Needle phobia study - call for participants

Cartoon image of a man showing his arm where he received a vaccination

A new study will explore healthcare providers’ experience of vaccinating children who have a fear of needles or needle phobia in New Zealand.

Researchers are inviting healthcare professionals who vaccinate children as part of their roles – anyone from nurses who vaccinate daily through to paediatric anaesthetists who vaccinate children with a needle phobia during surgery – to take part in the study.

Findings from the study will help researchers understand what approaches work, which ones don’t, and how we can improve the vaccination experience for children with a fear of needles.

The research team includes IMAC’s medical director Dr Nikki Turner, senior Māori advisor Dr Mamaeroa David, and senior research fellow Dr Sam Marsh.

If you are interested in taking part, you can read the Participant Information Sheet here and fill in the consent form at the end of the sheet. Or if you would like more information, please email or call 021 400 904.

Interviews will be around 45-60 minutes, and can take place online or at a convenient location.