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The Vaccinating Health Worker Stage 2 – Tamariki & MMR vaccination course is designed for individuals who have been authorised by Te Whatu Ora as Vaccinating Health Worker Stage 1.

On completion of the online part of this course you must also attend the following practical training which is organised by your employer:

  1. IMAC VHW Stage 2 practical workshop - face to face
  2. Practical assessment (can be done via zoom or in person).

Authorised VHW Stage 2 will be able to:

• Check consumer details

• Follow the agreed prompt card questions, calling for support when any issues are identified

• Check consent has been obtained

• Prepare Flu, Tdap and HPV9 vaccines

• Reconstitute and prepare MMR vaccine

• Administer Flu, Tdap, HPV9, MMR, Comirnaty vaccines to consumers aged 5 years and over

• Observe consumers while waiting after the vaccination

• Provide post vaccination advice

• Always work under supervision of a registered health professional.


Entry to the online course is via employer nomination. Interested individuals need to contact their employer, who will apply on their behalf.

Trainees must meet the following requirements before applying for this course:

1. You have been approved to do this training by your employer.

2. Hold a valid authorisation VHW Stage 1 certificate for four vaccines, issued by Te Whatu Ora.

3. Have documentation to confirm completion of 25 vaccinations over the past 6 months, and been giving vaccinations for at least 8 weeks.

4. Be employed by an immunisation provider and have a clinical workplace supervisor.

Next steps: Employer makes application

To progress to doing VHW Stage 2 your employer will need to apply on your behalf.

1.  Employers must contact one of their local IMAC education team (see contacts below) to obtain a registration form. The completed registration form is then submitted to IMAC.

2.  Approved VHWs then receive 'package codes' from IMAC so they can add the course to their IMAC LMS account. This ensures they can access the VHW Stage 2 and VHW Stage 2 vaccine specific online courses.

VHW Stage 2 training pathway

A high-level illustration of the training pathway is shown below. The first two phases are IMAC-led. The last four phases are employer led.

In addition to VHW Stage 2 training, the VHWs must also complete other core training outlined in the VHW Capability Matrix. The employer is responsible for providing access to courses and support for course completion (see more on employer responsibilities below).

Training phase requirements

Phase 1

1. Complete your employer-led training courses.

2. Complete the official IMAC VHW Stage 2 online course, and pass assessment with 80%.

Phase 2  

1. Attend a face-to-face practical workshop with IMAC where you will begin to complete your workbook.

2. Participate in the workshop activities to a satisfactory standard.

Phase 3

1. Use your workbook with your supervisor to increase your knowledge and understanding.

2. Observe an experienced vaccinator vaccinating tamariki.

3. Complete your practical assessment by completing at least 3 vaccination events with tamariki. Please refer to your practical assessment for age criteria. These are all organised by your employer and/or your vaccination clinical supervisor.

Phase 4

1. Submit an authorisation application to Te Whatu Ora to become an authorised VHW Stage 2.

2. Wait for the official notification letter from Te Whatu Ora in the portal to say you are authorised, can work as a VHW Stage 2, and will specify the vaccines you can administer. Your authorisation is valid for a 2-year period from issue date. You must complete a VHW update course no longer than 2 years after your last VHW course.

Phase 5

1. If necessary, complete additional vaccine competency approval section to administer other VHW Stage 2 vaccines that you are authorised to give, but were not administered in the practical assessment.

2. This is to be completed and approved by your workplace supervisor. VHWs must keep up to date with CPR training.

Phase 6

This is optional for those who will be assisting in preparing COVID vaccines.

IMAC course content

This course will provide theory on:

1. Vaccinating Tamariki 5 years +

2. MMR vaccination.


At the end of the theory lesson, you will complete a multiple choice assessment.

• There are 10 questions, and you must get 8 correct to pass.

• If you don't pass the first time, you can try two more times.

• If you don't pass after the third try, please email us using this link. 


After completing the assessment we'd really appreciate it if you can give us some feedback. This helps us improve the course for others.

Employer responsibilities

1. Provide the training indicated as employer-led in the VHW Capability Matrix such as Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Health Information Privacy Code and working with people with disabilities.

2. For Stage 2, additional employer training responsibilities include consumer relations, cultural competency, further training on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, colonisation and racism and the HQSC module on bias and healthcare. It is recommended that you complete these prior to starting your VHW Stage 2 role.

3. Organise other employment requirements such as police vetting, requirements under the Vulnerable Children’s Act, occupational health screening and indemnity insurance.

Applying for VHW Authorisation

To apply, please send your application to Te Whatu Ora Vaccinator Authorisation Portal. If you have any questions about your authorisation application or how to use the portal, email More information on authorisation can be found here.

Te Whatu Ora will assess applications and issue the authorisation letter. The authorised Stage 2 VHW can then administer approved vaccines under the direction and supervision of a registered healthcare professional without a Standing Order.

Authorisation is valid for 2 years from the issue date.

For more information

Te Whatu Ora VHW Capability Matrix (version 2, 12 August 2022)

Te Whatu Ora VHW Information Sheets for Employers, Clinical Supervisors and VHWs

Manatū Hauora VHW information on their website

For questions on the authorisation process, please email

Practical Session Dates Available

Once you have completed your online learning your employer can contact your local IMAC facilitator to book you in for a practical session for Stage 2.


Contacts for registration and training support

For general course registration questions, please email

To obtain a copy of the registration form and onboarding support questions, please email the local IMAC clinical staff.

Northern Region

Sandra Prinsloo, Immunisation Education Facilitator

Midlands Region

Chantel Punter, Immunisation Education Facilitator

Central Region

Janine Emrys, Immunisation Education Facilitator

Southern Region

Karen Cague, Immunisation Education Facilitator