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Before purchasing a course or event, please read all this information.

To access these courses you need to have an account, please note we are not transferring accounts across from the older LMS.

This registration happens during check out when you purchase your first course.

Clicking 'Add to Cart' opens the cart seen below.

Once you've checked it is the right course, click the ‘proceed to checkout’ button.

PLEASE NOTE - You cannot register another person using your user profile, they need to create their own user account
and register themselves, they can then seek reimbursement

This takes you to the Single Sign On (SSO) log in page.

If it is your first time - click the 'Create new account'

If you have registered for a course on the new LMS (i.e. in the last couple of months, use the 'Sign in' option.

For new accounts

Fill in the registration form...

Complete all information with a red asterisk next to it.

At the bottom of the form click 'Next'

After about 10 seconds, the 'Continue' button will appear.

Click this and then click ‘send verification code’ (your email address will be in the field above the button)

Copy the code from the email

Paste into the window and click ‘verify code’

Click ‘continue’

On the next screen enter and confirm a new password.

You now need to choose a multi-factor authentication method.

Using an authenticator app like Authy is the easiest, but you may choose to receive a one time password by email instead.

Having chosen app or email, click continue and enter the verification code then click ‘verify’.

Once that is accepted, click 'Continue'

This takes you to the checkout where you pay for the course. Click submit order when you have filled in all details.

You’ll receive a receipt and a 'welcome to the course' email. This contains a link to take you to the LMS and start your new course! If you have any issues accessing the LMS through this link then please use Google Chrome as your internet browser and clear your browsing data if issues persist.

For courses with an in-person tutorial - closer to the course date, you will receive an email reminding you of your course details, refreshments and what to bring along on the day.