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Cartoon image of a man showing his arm where he received a vaccination

This paper is a summary of the 5th New Zealand Influenza Symposium run by the Immunisation Advisory Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. National and international presenters discussed improving the uptake of the influenza vaccine in New Zealand, and the severity and consequences of influenza, particularly for the elderly and those with chronic health issues. Highlighted were the benefits of influenza vaccination and how it can reduce declines in cognitive and physical health that can lead to loss of independence for older people.

Presented is a synopsis of the 5th New Zealand Influenza Symposium, which focused on both uptake of the influenza vaccine and the long-term consequences of influenza. Particularly highlighted were the advantages of influenza vaccination for older adults in reducing declines in cognitive and physical health. Research findings from influenza surveillance, future of influenza vaccines and the influenza promotional campaign presented at the symposium are summarised.

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Health Professionals, Research


Nowlan M, Murfitt D and Turner N


New Zealand Medical Journal 132; 1507: 8078

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