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Anaphylaxis kit minimum requirements:

All vaccinators must hold a current appropriate CPR and be familiar with and have access to adrenaline and associated administration equipment in their clinical area. As a minimum, an emergency kit should contain:

  • adrenaline 1:1,000 (at least 3 ampoules) and dosage chart
  • syringes: 1.0 mL (a minimum of 3; tuberculin not insulin, as the insulin needle is too short for IM injection)
  • needles: a range of needle lengths and gauges, including 23 or 25 G × 25 mm, 22 G × 38 mm.

It is also necessary to have on hand:

  • adult and paediatric bag valve mask resuscitator (e.g. Ambu bag)
  • access to a telephone.

All vaccinators providing immunisation services need to have a minimum of two people present. Of these, one must be an authorised or pharmacist vaccinator; the other must be a competent adult who is able to call for emergency support and has a CPR basic life support certificate.

The Management of Anaphylaxis poster:

We recommend you print copies of the PDF below and have these as a resource on your clinic wall and within the anaphylaxis kit.


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