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This short course provides information for midwives, and senior midwifery students, intended to help them to increase their knowledge and confidence in supporting hapū wāhine in their decisions around vaccinations.  

There are also sections around the practical issues of vaccine administration and cold chain designed for midwives who are administering vaccines.  

The content focuses on the unique needs of both pēpē and hapū wāhine and has six modules covering topics such as understanding the immune systems of hapū wāhine and pēpē, relevant vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccine storage composition and safety, effective communication strategies, and the practical aspects of vaccine administration.  

The course provides 4-5 hours of professional development and includes a 20 question multi choice assessment. On completion, midwives will have additional knowledge and expertise to help safeguard the health and well-being of whānau in their care.

Prerequisites;  Midwifery qualification

Course modules:

  • The immune systems of hapū wāhine (pregnant women) and pēpē (baby).
  • Relevant vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccines.
  • Vaccine composition and safety.
  • Immunisation communication and coverage.
  • The cold chain.
  • Vaccine administration.

There is also an Assessment quiz and a Next steps module.  

After completing this course, we would appreciate you completing the quick online feedback survey to help improve the content.