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This course outlines travel health to support those in primary care to competently deliver a basic travel health consult for the non-complex traveller. Throughout, we assume core knowledge on foundation topics such as the immune system, cold chain, informed consent and screening, etc.

For any health professionals without vaccinator qualifications, we strongly recommend you complete our free foundation education course in advance of this course.

Note: 'Introduction to travel health' does not replace the need for those who will prescribe travel medicine to complete appropriate post-graduate education.


Those completing this course are expected to be authorised or pharmacist vaccinators.

Course modules:  

  • An overview of travel health
  • Setting up for travel health consults
  • Travel-health risk assessment
  • Safe travel advice
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases - National Immunisation Schedule (NIS) and funded vaccines for special groups.
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases – travel vaccines available in New Zealand.
  • Other relevant infectious diseases
  • Scenarios

There is also an Assessment quiz and a Next steps module.

After completing this course, we would appreciate you completing the quick online feedback survey to help improve the content.

‍The course provides 8 hours of continuing professional development. On completion, you can print out a certificate as evidence of learning.

Please note that the 0800IMMUE phone line does not give specific travel health advice. The course includes other points of contact for specific travel health information.