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This course is only available to registered health care professionals who have been provided a coupon code and has been developed primarily as a resource for prescribers to refer to.

The aim of this course is to provide a foundation of Immunisation Mātauranga to allow you to confidently engage in vaccination conversations with patients and their whānau, as well as the wider communities within which you exist.


Registered Health Care Professional

Course content:

1. Immunisation overview

2. Vaccine types and composition

3. Hapū māmā

4. Infant immunisation

5. Preschool vaccinations

6. School-age vaccinations

7. Adult vaccination

8. Special groups and unfunded vaccines

9. Storage, handling and vaccine administration

10. Communication, coverage and equity

11. Legislation, standards, and vaccine safety

The assessment of your vaccination knowledge and skills will be examined in your training program formal examinations, in both the practical and written exams.

After completing this course, we would appreciate you completing the online feedback survey to help improve the content.