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This online course will help you get ready to use the Aotearoa Immunisation Register (AIR) Vaccinator Portal to record vaccinations. The Aotearoa Immunisation Register is used to help control the spread of infectious diseases by:

  • Providing information about immunisation coverage across the population
  • Keeping a record of the vaccinations New Zealanders have received or chosen not to receive.

The Vaccinator Portal is your portal to be able to see a consumers vaccination history and record new vaccinations provided.

Course Content

By the time you have completed this online course you will have what you need to:

  • Request access to, and log into AIR Vaccinator Portal
  • Find and verify a consumer record in AIR Vaccinator Portal
  • Review a consumers vaccinations stored in AIR Vaccinator Portal
  • Record a completed vaccination in AIR Vaccinator Portal

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The course provides 1 hour of continuing professional development. On completion, you can print out a certificate as evidence of learning.