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This the online vaccine-specific training course needed to become an authorised Stage 1 Vaccinating Health Worker (VHW) which will allow you to administer Tdap and HPV9 vaccines. Prior to starting this course, you would have completed the VHW Stage 1 Course.  

On completion of this course, you must also attend the following training, which is organised by your employer.

  1. CPR course (Basic Life Support)  
  2. IMAC VHW Stage 1 practical workshop – to practice injection technique and other important skills.

It is strongly recommended that you have completed the CPR course before attending the IMAC practical workshop.


You have been approved to do this training by your employer, and
your occupation is one of the following:

  • Healthcare assistant
  • Kaiāwhina
  • Kaiarahi
  • Kaimanaaki
  • Pharmacy technician
  • NZ trained healthcare professionals with a expired practising certificate
  • Overseas-trained healthcare professionals without a valid NZ practising certificate Healthcare professional trained overseas

Course content

This course will provide theory on:

  1. Tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough
  2. Human papillomavirus
  3. School-based vaccinations


At the end of the theory lesson, you will complete a multiple choice assessment.

  • There are 10 questions, and you must get 8 correct to pass.
  • If you don't pass the first time, you can try two more times.
  • If you don't pass after the third try, please email us using this link. 


After completing the assessment we'd really appreciate it if you can give us some feedback. This helps us improve the course for others.