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Vaccinator Bridging Course

About the Vaccinator Bridging Course

This course is designed to upskill Provisional Authorised Vaccinators (PAVs) to achieve full scope of practice as an Authorised Vaccinator (AV) to administer vaccines on the National Immunisation Schedule (NIS), across the life span or to become a Pharmacist Vaccinator and deliver the scope of vaccines available.

To complete this course you must be a Provisional Authorised Vaccinator (provisional authorisation is issued by the Ministry of Health and is valid for two years since issue date). Upon completing the education course, you will need to meet all the requirements outlined in Appendix 4 of the Immunisation Handbook to either apply for authorisation or become a pharmacist vaccinator (more details in Authorisation section below).

Course delivery and duration

This course involves online learning (10-12 hours), followed by a three hour in-person tutorial. The bridging course will be available from 31 May 2022 on IMAC’s online Learning Management System.

Online course modules

The online course covers the same learning objectives as the Foundation Vaccinator Training Course, while recognising prior learning from the PVFC. There are 10 modules as set out below. The online learning time will vary between learners, depending on their experience and prior knowledge.

  1. Vaccine preventable disease
  2. Legislation, endorsement and authorisation
  3. The immune system
  4. The National Immunisation Schedule vaccines across the life span
  5. Types and composition of vaccines
  6. Vaccine safety
  7. Storage and handling of vaccines
  8. Informed consent and immunisation communication
  9. Vaccine administration
  10.  Improving immunisation coverage

The tutorial will focus on modules 2, 8 and 9, with the aim of translating knowledge gained from theory into practice with a specific focus on administering vaccines to 0 to 4 year olds.

Theory assessment and developing clinical skills

Following course completion of the course, students will complete an online theory assessment, and then build their confidence and practical competencies, working under standing orders or prescriptions, under the supervision of an experienced vaccinator in their place of work.

Clinical assessment

This is the step before applying for full authorisation. Clinical assessments must be completed by an approved assessor, who is approved by the local Medical Officer of Health.  

The most appropriate contact(s) for clinical assessment will be advised at course in-person tutorial.

Course fee

This course will be available from 31 May 2022.

Course fee is $160 per person. There are some Ministry of Health funded positions for Māori and Pacific Provisional Authorised Vaccinators. IMAC will work directly with Māori and Pacific providers to discuss this funded opportunity. Please note: If you have already registered and purchased a vaccinator foundation course for 2022 and when the bridging course is released you find that you meet the eligibility criteria* and wish to transfer courses, we would require at least 4 weeks’ notice to make the course transfer, if this is not possible you would need to stay on the course that you have registered and paid for. We are unable to refund any partial course fees. * Provisional vaccinators that wish to transfer to a bridging course will need to provide proof of provisional authorisation status.


  • To apply for authorisation, you will need to complete the authorisation application form from your local public health unit, and supply the required documents to evidence you have completed the appropriate training requirements and that you hold a valid NZ APC and a valid CPR certificate (as per A4.4. of the Immunisation Handbook for authorised vaccinators).
  • Pharmacist Vaccinators do not have to apply for authorisation but must ensure they continue to meet the educational requirements outline Appendix 4 of the Immunisation Handbook to be a Pharmacist Vaccinator.
  • Authorised or Pharmacist Vaccinator status is valid for two years. All authorised or pharmacist vaccinator must complete a vaccinator update course every two years and authorised vaccinators will have to reapply for authorisation every two years to the local Medical Officer of Health.

Who to contact for more information

For specific course inquiries please contact one of the staff members below.

Siufofoga Matagi, COVID Pacific Engagement Advisor

[email protected]

Jacinta Gibson, COVID Liaison Manager

[email protected]

For clinical inquiries please contact the local COVID-19 Regional Immunisation Advisor

Lisa Box, COVID Immunisation Advisor – Northern

[email protected] 

Olivia Haslam, COVID Immunisation Advisor - Midlands

[email protected]  

Melanie Miller, COVID Immunisation Advisor – Central

[email protected]

Sue Rogers, COVID Immunisation Advisor – Southern

[email protected]

Course requests from Māori and Pacific providers will be prioritised. Please include ‘Māori or Pacific provider’ in the subject line of your email to IMAC.

Once course dates are published you will be able to book on to a course on IMAC Learning.


Last updated: May 2022