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Influences and policies that affect immunisation coverage - a review of literature

To provide adequate direct and indirect protection against vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD), a high proportion of the population needs to be immune. Specific immunity against certain diseases can be achieved through immunisation with vaccines or exposure to the pathogen itself. The aim of immunisation programmes is to generate immunity in individuals and within the community to prevent the spread of disease and to reduce the impact of such diseases.

Duration of pertussis vaccine effectiveness in New Zealand

The Effectiveness of Pertussis Immunisation in Children (EPIC) study data provides good evidence that the current National Immunisation Schedule protects against severe pertussis in infants and children. The pertussis vaccine provides moderate protection against severe disease after two doses and good protection after three doses. No evidence of waning immunity was shown following dose three up to age four years or following 3P+1 doses up to age seven years.