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Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course

The 2022 Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course (PVFC) is now open to support and grow the supply of Provisional Authorised Vaccinators (PAVs) as an accelerated pathway to become approved COVID-19 vaccinators.

Reopening the course offers health care providers further options as they respond to workforce pressures related to Omicron, boosters and administering the COVID-19 vaccine to 5–11-year-olds.

To check who is eligible to become a PAV, view the PVFC FAQ.

The PVFC is accessed via IMAC’s online Learning Management System (LMS). A Package Code is required to access the course and Packages Codes are being issued to Māori and Pacific providers, District Health Boards, Nursing, Pharmacy and Medical Education Providers and Primary Health Organisations.

Package code eligibility

Eligible and interested individual health care professionals are expected to receive the issued package code from their employer or the provider they intend to work for. As an individual, please do not contact IMAC directly for a package code. Employers/providers are responsible for issuing package codes, if you are currently not employed or pending employment in a vaccination role, please sign up to the COVID-19 Hands Up Database

The future of the PAVs will be reassessed later in the year in the context of the broader COVID-19 response and health system needs. At this stage

  • All current PAVs are authorised for two years from the date of their authorisation letter.
  • The 31 March 2022 deadline to complete PAV authorisation no longer applies.

Pathway to becoming a Provisional Authorised Vaccinator

Pathway to becoming a COVID-19 Vaccinator (refer to 1. in Notes below)

Please note: Expiry dates on the Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course (PVFC) certificates (not all certificates have one), no longer apply. The important date for Provisional Vaccinators is the date on their authorisation letter. If your PVFC was more than 2 years ago, please see the information below regarding the Provisional Authorised Vaccinator update course.


  1. Healthcare professionals embarking the PAV training pathway can complete the COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccinator course anytime. However, they must be authorised as a provisional vaccinator before they can administer the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine.
  2. To administer AstraZenca and Paediatric Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines, additional online courses must be completed following the completion of the COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccinator Course. Click here for the suite of COVID-19 courses and click here to log into LMS to access the courses. 

Change to authorisation application process

Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand (formally Ministry of Health) introduced a new online portal to make the authorisation process for vaccinators faster, simpler, secure and more convenient. The workforce request portal will keep your information safe and is more secure than the current process via email. This portal application process is applicable to those applying for authorisation as Provisional Vaccinators, COVID-19 Vaccinator Working Under Supervision and Vaccinating Health Workers.

Instead of conducting the (re)authorisation process by email, please create your own profile and submit the relevant documentation via the portal. You will be able to check the status of your application. 

You can access the portal by clicking the link here. For the next few months, you will still receive your authorisation letter via email but in time this process will change and letters will be available via the portal.

Provisional Authorised Vaccinator update course

All authorised vaccinators are required to attend an update course every two years. Some Provisional Authorised Vaccinators are approaching two years since they completed their Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course in 2020 and due to an administrative change their authorisation does not expire until 2023. These Provisionally Authorised Vaccinators are required to complete a Provisional Vaccinator Update course and will be sent a package code to be able to access the course by the Ministry of Health. If you think you are due to complete an update course but have not received a package code, please contact the Ministry of Health’s authorisation team at [email protected].

Additional resources

  Answers to questions about the Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course and authorisation

  Click here for LMS Quick Guide

 Click here for peer assessment form (to be completed and included with your authorisation application)

 Click here for the Ministry of Health page with access to the authorisation application form. Please note the authorisation application form is only applicable to those that that have completed the PVFC and are applying for provisional authorisation. 

Contacts for additional information or help

Māori and Pacific Providers

Providers are welcome to contact the IMAC COVID Liaison Manager to explore the additional education or clinical support that IMAC could offer.

Jacinta Gibson, COVID Liaison Manager [email protected]


Wider sector

Providers are welcome to contact the local IMAC COVID Immunisation Advisors or IMAC COVID Liaison Manager for more information and additional support that IMAC could offer.

Lisa Box, COVID Immunisation Advisor – Northern [email protected] 

COVID Immunisation Advisor - Midland TBA - please contact [email protected]

Abbey Palmer, COVID Immunisation Education Facilitator - Central [email protected]

Sue Rogers, COVID Immunisation Advisor – Southern [email protected]


If you are a health provider or education provider for nursing, medical or pharmacy and haven’t received a Package Code, please contact the IMAC Education Office [email protected]. Eligible and interested individual HCP's are expected to receive the issued code from their employer or the provider they intend to work for. As an individual, please do not contact IMAC directly for a package code.


Last updated: Aug 2022