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Measles resource page


We are providing a special resources page on Measles so it's easy to find everything in one place. Let us know if you want items added. 

Measles the disease

Measles - main page

Immunisation Handbook 2020 - section 12 Measles 

Vaccination checklists and screening

Checklist pre-vaccination

Screening form pre-vaccination



M-M-R II datasheet

Priorix (note - see video of Priorix vaccine preparation below in Videos section)

Priorix datasheet

Priorix vaccine preparation

Fact sheets

Measles, Oct 2020

Rubella - German Measles, Oct 2020

Immunisation against measles, mumps and rubella, Sept 2020

Quick answers to frequent MMR questions, June 2022

Breastfeeding and immunisation, Aug 2021


Three in a row, Hib, VV, MMR at 15 months

NZ Immunisation Schedule, August 2022

Supporting information

Foufou Susana's story
Foufou Susana recounts her mother’s story of losing six children in measles and other epidemics in Niue 

Protecting children with cancer from measles
A Manatu Hauora report, 2012



Measles and MMR 

MMR Influenza and NIS - update webinar June 2022

Priorix vaccine preparation

Te Whatu Ora resources

MMR resources dropbox


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