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Refund for unused/expired funded influenza vaccine

Please consider keeping some doses of Afluria Quad or FluQuadri for non-funded vaccination of pregnant women** or travellers to the Northern Hemisphere in early 2020.

  • To be eligible for a refund, the unused stock must be returned prior to 31 January 2020.
  • One refund will be available from any one account for a total of:
    • 10 doses of unused Influvac Tetra and/or
    • 1 dose of unused Fluarix Tetra and/or
    • 5 doses of unused FluQuadri. 
  • No refund is available for unused Afluria Quad doses.
  • Contact Healthcare Logistics on 0508 425 358 to request a Return Authorisation.

**Pregnant women who recevive an influenza vaccination in January or February 2020 are recommended to receive a second influenza vaccination from 1 April 2020 if they are still pregnant (funded dose).

Note: Claims for influenza vaccinations after 31 December are not accepted.

2019 influenza vaccines

Quantity that can be refunded

Vaccine expiry date

Influvac Tetra

Up to 10 doses

31 Dec 2019

Fluarix Tetra

1 dose only

31 Dec 2019


Up to 5 doses

23 Jan 2020

Afluria Quad

No doses

29 Feb 2020

Last updated: Jan 2020