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PHARMAC announces Immunisation Schedule from 1 July 2020

The full PHARMAC Immunisation Schedule notification is available on their News/Notifications webpage https://www.pharmac.govt.nz/news/notification-2019-07-30-immunisation.

In summary:

Brand changes


Current brand

From 1 July 2020

Hepatitis B vaccine HBvaxPRO Engerix-B
Varicella vaccine Varilrix Varivax
Adult diphtheria/tetanus vaccine ADT Booster Boostrix



Current brands

From 1 February 2020

Influenza vaccine

Influvac Tetra
Fluarix Tetra

Afluria Quad
Fluarix Tetra

Eligibility and dose changes


From 1 July 2020

Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine (Tdap)  (Boostrix) Tdap (Boostrix) vaccine will replace the adult diphtheria and tetanus vaccine (ADT Booster). Eligibility criteria will be amended to restrict the tetanus booster at age 45 to individuals who have not received 4 tetanus vaccinations in their lifetime.
Hepatitis B recombinant vaccine
Only the 20 mcg per 1 ml strength will be listed. This vaccine is suitable for use in children, adults and transplant patients.
Meningococcal C conjugate vaccine
Eligibility criteria will be amended to limit use to children under 9 months of age who are too young to receive the Meningococcal ACWY conjugate vaccine, with a maximum of 3 doses.
Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV10) (Synflorix) Eligibility criteria will be amended from a 4-dose schedule to a 3–dose schedule.
Varicella vaccine
Eligibility will be changed to infants from 12 months of age – the Varivax brand is not approved for infants under 12 months of age.
For infants between 9 and 12 months of age at high risk, an alternative vaccine would be available through DHB hospitals.


There will be no change to the brand or eligibility criteria for other funded vaccines.

Meningococcal vaccines

Commercial bids were requested for the meningococcal B vaccine (potential new listing) and meningococcal ACWY vaccine (potential widened access) in the RFP. 

The bids we received for meningococcal B vaccine mean that we will not be listing meningococcal B vaccine or widening access to meningococcal ACWY vaccine as a result of the RFP process. 

Following the RFP, updated clinical advice on the funding of meningococcal vaccines was sought from the Immunisation Subcommittee in March 2019. A number of different scenarios for various target populations at risk of meningococcal disease have now been assessed and ranked by PHARMAC as possible options to progress for funding. 

The decision not to list a meningococcal B vaccine or widen access to meningococcal ACWY vaccine via the RFP process does not mean that the funding applications for these medicines are declined. PHARMAC will continue to work on options for listing or widening access to meningococcal vaccines.

Last updated: Jan 2020