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Immunisation Schedule 1 July 2020 for health professionals

Written resources

 National Immunisation Schedule 1 July 2020

Shows Schedule changes from 1 July 2020 on page 1 and Schedule changes from 1 October 2020 on page 2

 National Immunisation Schedule changes 2020 updated 13 July 2020

Briefly explains the Schedule changes in 2020 and provides answers to frequently asked questions about the changes

 PCV10 (Synflorix) vaccine schedules

Clarifies PCV10 vaccine schedules during the transition between a 3+1 dose schedule to a 2+1 dose schedule

 Funded vaccines for special groups from 1st July 2020

Provides guidance for additional funded vaccines for special groups listed on the Pharmaceutical Schedule

 Ministry of Health Immunisation Update 12 June 2020

Outlines the Schedule changes and vaccine brand transitions from 1 July 2020

 Immunisation Handbook 2017 (2nd Edition) March 2018 version 9 updated 1 July 2020


 National Immunisation Schedule changes 1 July 2020 (links to the webinar on Vimeo)

 Other written resources updated since 16 July 2020

  1. Answers to questions about provisional vaccinator training and authorisation

  2. Assessment of clinical practice for vaccinators

  3. Assessment of clinical practice for vaccinators – online fillable version

  4. Chickenpox (Varicella)

  5. Comparison of chickenpox and shingles

  6. Down syndrome and immunisation

  7. Herpes zoster (Shingles)

  8. Occupation related immunisation

  9. Peer assessment form for provisional vaccinators

  10. Peer assessment form for vaccinators full VTC

  11. Pertussis (whooping cough)

  12. Pneumococcal disease

  13. Quick answers to frequent rotavirus vaccine questions

  14. Rotavirus







Last updated: Aug 2020