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2020 Immunisation Schedule for health professionals

Useful resources for the 1 October 2020 Schedule changes

Extended catch-up programmes for Menactra and Zostavax


The catch-up programme for one dose of Menactra for individuals aged 13–25 years inclusively who are in their second, third or more years living in a boarding school hostel, tertiary education halls of residence, military barrack, or prison, has been EXTENDED TO 30 November 2021.


The catch-up programme for people aged 66–80 years inclusively been EXTENDED TO 31 December 2021.

Transition of ADT™ Booster to Boostrix®

PHARMAC has changed the earlier advice from the Ministry of Health regarding use of ADT Booster stock from 1 October.  

  • Providers with remaining stock are required to stop using ADT Booster and dispose of stock appropriately by returning unused ADT Booster to ProPharma for destruction.
  • Providers will not be able to claim an Immunisation Subsidy claim for use of ADT Booster for the 45-years or 65-years booster vaccination after 1 October. 
  • There are no safety concerns regarding any ADT Booster vaccines doses administered from 1 October 2020.
    • Delisting the vaccine is an administrative process associated with the change of funded vaccine to Boostrix.

 Click on the link to read the Ministry of Health Immunisation Update 18 November 2020.

Useful Immunisation Handbook 2020 and Schedule change links

  Immunisation Handbook 2020 on the Ministry of Health website, there are no printed copies available.

  2020 National Immunisation Schedule Changes Guide on the Ministry of Health website

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding the Schedule Changes Guide:

  • There has been a change to the advice in Table 1: Branding changes. ADT Booster was delisted on 1 October 2020 and has been replaced with Boostrix from 1 October. The second part of the advice, that the change from ADT Booster to Boostrix vaccine will occur when existing stock is used, no longer applies.
  • There is an error in Table 3: 2020 Childhood schedule for those < 5 years old. The rotavirus vaccine schedule is two doses (6 weeks and 3 months). The rotavirus vaccine dose indicated at 5 months of age is an error.

 Click on this link to go to the 2020 Immunisation Schedule changes webinar.

This webinar covered:

  • The new 12 month immunisation event
  • PCV programme tweaks
  • Vaccine brand changes
  • New edition of the Immunisation Handbook
  • National Measles Campaign

Written resources

 National Immunisation Schedule: Changes from 1 October 2020

Provides an overview of the:

  • National Immunisation Schedule from 1 October, including the addition of 12-months immunisation event, use of tetanus-containing vaccines from 7 years throughout adulthood, PCV vaccine schedules and PCV and HPV9 catch-up immunisation, and vaccine brand changes.
  • Change in the preferred administration of MMR, varicella and zoster vaccines to the intramuscular (IM) route and selection of injection sites to administer the 12-months and 15-months immunisations, and a summary of changes to emergency equipment, adrenaline doses and resuscitation training requirements. 

 Questions and answers to support Schedule changes 1 October 2020 and updated Immunisation Handbook guidance

  • Provides background information for the changes to the Immunisation Schedule, preferred IM route for MMR, varicella and zoster vaccines, and emergency equipment, adrenaline doses and resuscitation training requirements. 

  • Answers some anticipated questions around administration of multiple vaccines by the IM route at 12 months and 15 months of age, flexibility with administration of Schedule vaccines prior to their due date, and PMS (patient management system) related questions.

 National Immunisation Information from Medtech PMS provider (patient management system)

  • UPDATE: On 20 November, Medtech advised providers that:
    • The MedTech Evolution Version 3.0 PMS update will be released at 6pm on Friday 20 November as previously scheduled. However,
    • The MedTech32 Version 23.0 PMS update has been delayed until 6pm on Friday 27 November.
      • MedTech also advised that practices will now be able to directly upgrade to Version 23.0 from Version 22.19 without installing multiple updates. An Interbase Backup and Restore will still be required prior to starting the upgrade.

 National Immunisation Schedule from 1 October 2020 (A4 Schedule card)

  • Has the National Immunisation Schedule from 1 October 2020 on page 1 and a guide to funded vaccines for special groups on page 2.

 PCV10 (Synflorix) vaccine schedules

  • Clarifies PCV10 vaccine schedules during the transition between a 3+1 dose schedule to a 2+1 dose schedule.

 Three in a row for best protection (A4 poster)

 Provides a visual guide for the administration of three vaccines by the IM route at 15 months of age.



 Management of anaphylaxis – Clinic

 This chart describes the key features and management of anaphylaxis in general practice, immunisation clinics and outreach immunisation settings and includes the recommended adrenaline doses for infants, children, adolescents and adults.

 Management of anaphylaxis – Pharmacy

 This chart describes the key features and management of anaphylaxis in pharmacies and includes the recommended adrenaline for adolescents aged 13 years or older and adults.

Updated Ministry of Health resources to support the Schedule changes are available from HealthEd (www.healthed.govt.nz)


HE1308 Vaccines for the National Immunisation Schedule

HE1323 Childhood immunisation

HE1309 Immunisation record

For Well Child books not already carrying the current immunisation schedule effective from 1 October 2020.

HE1504 After your child is immunised

HE1221 Immunise – their best protection in English

HE2521 Immunise – their best protection in te reo Māori

HE1327 Immunise your child on time in English

Also available in Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Hindi, Samoan, Tongan

HE1531 Immunise your child on time in te reo Māori

HE1535 Immunise your child on time in Cook Islands Māori


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