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Conference Presentations 2015

Where permission was provided, click on the presentation title to open a pdf of it.

Friday 4 September 2015: Immunisation Conference Day One


Plenary Session 1: Communicating the issues


Vaccine Hesitancy, how can healthcare workers improve vaccine acceptance? Noni MacDonald


The NZ experience, getting the message right Helen Petousis-Harris


Communicating the science of immunisation Peter Griffin


Morning tea


Concurrent Session 1

1. Communicating immunisation

2. Aspects of HPV vaccination

3. Aspects of pertussis immunisation


Baby, Facebook and Me: Pregnant Women’s Knowledge, Attitudes and Experience of Immunisation

Bonnie Jones

Population HPV Immunisation Targets: The importance of the big picture view, attention to detail and data

Natalie Desmond & Karen Wilks

Influencing factors considering by women regarding the pertussis-containing (Tdap) vaccine during pregnancy

Linda Hill


Vaccination uptake by vaccine-hesitant parents attending a Specialist Immunisation Clinic in Australia

Margie Danchin

Unvaccinated, uninformed and at risk: knowledge of HPV and vaccine acceptability among gay and bisexual males

Adrian Ludlam

Pertussis mortality is Australia - implications on national policy (presentation not available).

Melina Georgousakis


Flu can be anywhere

Darren Quirk & Michelle Kapinga

Success of New Zealand's HPV Immunisation Programme: What's next?

Chris Millar

Pertussis Control Strategies - A consistent approach for New Zealand

Diana Murffit




Concurrent Session 2

1. Targeting at risk groups

2. Reviewing programmes

3. Vaccine safety and effectiveness


Analysis of the Auckland 2014 Measles Outbreak Indicates that Adolescent & Young Adults Could Benefit from Catch-up Vaccination.

Gary Reynolds

Waikato: Going where no vaccination programmes have gone before

Felicity Dumble

AusVaxSafety: Engaging parents in vaccine safety surveillance using new technologies provides timely data on annual influenza vaccine safety in young children

Alexis Pillsbury & Kristine Macartney


Reducing Missed Opportunities for Elderly Vaccination: Authorised Vaccinators for Aged Residential Care (ARC)

Louise Lewis

Vaccine cold chain management in New Zealand

Diana Murfitt

SmartVax - towards a nationwide active vaccine safety surveillance system using SMS technology

Alan Leeb


Increasing influenza vaccination rates for patients with developmental disability at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

Sonja Elia

Who did pharmacists vaccinate in Australia’s first Pharmacist Immunisation Pilot?

Lisa Nissen

Interim estimates of the effectiveness of seasonal trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in preventing influenza hospitalisations and primary ca re visits in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2015

Ange Bissielo


Afternoon tea


Plenary Session 2: Policy informing programmes


Immunisation programs on the move: an update from Australia Kristine Macartney


Policy into practice: Improving Immunsation coverage in NZ Pat Tuohy


WHO - an update from the Western Pacific Regional Office Mark Jacobs


A Summary of Day One Lynn Taylor


Saturday 5 September 2015: Immunisation Conference Day Two


Plenary Session 3: The impact of VPDs in adulthood


Herpes Zoster Lynley Hood


Panel Discussion: Challenges in adult vaccination Tim Corbett, Mark Thomas, Felicity Dumble, Gary Reynolds


Morning Tea


Concurrent Session 3

1. Vaccine Impact

2. Overcoming barriers

3. Cultural and ethnic perspectives


Microbiology of otitis media and nasopharyngeal flora in children in the era of changing pneumococcal vaccination (presentation not available).

Emma Best

Approaching the immunisation target - Insights into ‘Declined’ and ‘Partially immunised’

Lynn Taylor & Sarah Radke

Effective General Practice: Audit and Feedback for the Immunisation Primary Series at Three Ethnically Different General Practices

Gary Reynolds


Impact of conjugate pneumococcal vaccines on otitis media related hospitalisations in New Zealand (presentation not available).

Helen Petousis-Harris

A Review of Outreach Immunisation Services in New Zealand

Loretta Roberts

Immunisation Training for Aboriginal Health Workers - A Western Australia experience

Reena Reddy


Does the current pertussis immunisation schedule provide sustained protection to New Zealand toddlers? (presentation not available).

Sarah Radke

Declining care: a child’s journey through the immunisation pathway in Northland

Juliet Rumball-Smith

TAPUAKI Pacific pregnancy and parenting programme

Mary Roberts


Measles Elimination in NZ

Tomasz Kiedrzynski

Reaching the Missing Children

Bridget Lester &  Sally Wright





Plenary Session 4: Closing the gaps


The Experience of Rotavirus disease in the Waikato David Newman


Persistent gaps in immunisation uptake Ester Willing


Wrapping it up


Immunisation for the whole of life Noni MacDonald


Conference Conclusions Lynn Taylor

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