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This training course is for people who will work in immunisation support roles at sites offering vaccinations. As part of a vaccination team, they will provide support for cold chain and post-vaccination observation.  This course includes an introduction to immunisations and how they work including the COVID-19vaccines. Helpful communication tips around vaccination, an overview of cold chain processes and post vaccine observation expectations of the immunisation support worker are also discussed. A workbook can be downloaded at the end of the course, to enable orientation and upskilling of the immunisation support worker while in the workplace.


There are no requirements for course entry. However, IMAC strongly recommends that:

  1. You have organised employment with Te Whatu Ora and;
  2. You have experience working with patients or consumers in the healthcare sector. For example, you might have experience as a:
  • Health care assistant
  • Kaiāwhina
  • Kaiārahi
  • Kaimanaaki
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Health care Professional whose practising     certificate has expired
  • Health care professional from overseas that     doesn’t have New Zealand registration.

Please note: This is not the Vaccinating Health Worker course and does not allow you to vaccinate.

Course content

It will take around 3 hours to complete this online training.

  • Introduction to COVID-19; how immunisation     works and the benefits of it
  • Immunisation communications; how to provide     information about vaccines
  • Cold chain storage for the COVID-19     Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine; to ensure quality storage requirements are     maintained
  • Post-vaccination observation, advice and     safety; skills and knowledge to carry out post-vaccination observation     duties under supervision

The Workbook

A workbook can be downloaded from within the course. This workbook gives you more information on the vaccination process, cold chain and post vaccination observation role. There are sections for you to complete to demonstrate your knowledge. These can be worked through and filled in whilst at the work site.

If you are going to be supporting cold chain processes onsite, you MUST complete the Cold Chain Management section in the Workbook and get the Cold chain competencies section signed off by the Cold Chain lead.

Note: The course provides 4 hours of continuing professional development. On completion, you can print out a certificate as evidence of learning.