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This 2-day face-to-face tutorial with a pre-reading requirement, will provide nurses and pharmacists with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively administer vaccines on the National Immunisation Schedule, as appropriate within your scope of practice. It is an essential requirement for authorisation or approval as a vaccinator. Midwives are also able to enrol in this course.


As prescribers, midwives and medical doctors need not be authorised to administer vaccines. These professional groups may still enrol in this course to gain greater understanding of vaccines and immunisation service delivery in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Clinical assessment:

• This is a requirement for attaining pharmacist or authorised vaccinator status.

• Arranging a venue to undertake the assessment is the responsibility of the course participant - neither IMAC nor local Immunisation Coordinators can arrange this. This assessment normally takes place in the vaccinator's workplace.

• It is recommended that you complete your clinical assessment within 6 months of completing the coursework.


• Current Annual Practising Certificate

• Knowledge and familiarity with the current Immunisation Handbook

• Pre-reading of the following Immunisation Handbook sections:

Course Structure:

This course consists of 2 full days in a classroom setting. You will then complete an online open-book assessment in your own time within a week of completing the coursework. Your certificate will be made available online upon completion of all course requirements.