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2019 NZ Immunisation Conference

2019 Conference presentations

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Thursday 5 September 2019: Pre-conference Workshop

Immunisation Team update

Ministry of Health


Pandemic Planning

Diana Murfitt



The Way Forward- getting to 95%

Cold Chain

Immunisation conversations

Vaccine administration

Understanding immunisation coverage data


CCA in DHB hospital sites


Vaccine hesitancy a continuum of choice


Best practice



Addressing descreasing coverage


National standards update


Motivational interviewing for immunisation conversations

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Vaccines and immunosuppression



Immunisation during pregnancy


Medicine control and community pharmacy cold chain


Social media, how and when to react


Vaccine errors



Immunisation and Tamariki Maori

CCA Moderation discussion


Engaging with Māori families

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Moderating clinical assessment



Repeat of above workshops

1610 What’s new internationally in vaccinology
Nikki Turner, Director, the Immunisation Advisory Centre
Friday 6 September 2019: Immunisation Conference Day One
Plenary Session 1: Current situations

The future for immunisation in New Zealand - challenges and opportunities

Caroline McElnay, Director of Public Health, Ministry of Health

An international update: Gains and losses 

Nikki Turner, Director, the Immunisation Advisory Centre

Immunization and VPDs in the Western Pacifi c Region: evolution, achievements and future directions

Yoshihiro Takashima (via video link), Coordinator, EPI Unit, Div of Communicable Diseases, WHO

Concurrent sessions 1
1100 Immunisation frontline Influenza vaccination in high risk groups Communicating about immunisation

What's working, what's not, in achieving optimal immunisation coverage in NZ: Findings from 2018 survey of frontline health care workers.

Loretta Roberts 

Let's stop the flu-  vaccinate your crew 

Joanne Hickman

Revolutionising how we teach immunisation to medical students

Amanda D'Souza

Why messages don't make it: A NIR and practice data comparison

Georgina Tucker

Improving influenza vaccine coverage in eligible 0-4 year olds in Auckland and Waitemata DHBs

Catherine Jackson

Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation (SKAI): Implementation and dissemination of a novel communications package

Bianca Bullivant

Immunisation catch-up calculator

Jillian Boniface and Leanne Liggett

Active surveillance of AEFI with influenza and dTap vaccines in pregnant Australian women

Catherine Glover

Giving voice to the silent majority - social media tales from the West

Natalie Desmond

Plenary Session 2: Vaccine Safety  Surveillance


Vaccines to reduce the burden of respiratory diseases in children

Kathryn Edwards, Professor of Pediatrics, Vanderbilt University Medical School, US

Respiratory virus vaccines - results of the Novavax maternal RSV vaccine study

Adrian Trenholme, Paediatrician, Middlemore Hospital

One vaccine, two diseases, three lessons

Helen Petousis-Harris, Director, Vaccine Datalink and Research Group, the University of Auckland

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Working towards an effective vaccine for Group A streptococcus

Nikki Moreland, Senior Lecturer in Immunology, the University of Auckland

Concurrent Sessions 2
1530 Vaccine impact on disease Disease outbreak and control Immunisation challenges and successes

Vaccination of pregnant women and infant hospitalisation rates for pertussis in Aotearoa 

Georgia Richardson

Mumps outbreak immunisation programme, "Community Immunity" in Auckland and Waitemata DHBs

Jean McQueen


Jody Stephenson

Belinda Tominc

Jenny O’Neill

Hannah Chisholm

Sarah Sheridan

Chloé Damon

Nicola Carter

Alexis Pillsbury

Catherine Glover

Alan Leeb

Rosemary Joyce



Paediatric invasive meningococcal disease in Auckland, 2004-2017 

Cameron Burton

Measles - an immunisation system response

Bridget Lester

Long-term vaccine impact on invasive pneumococcal disease among children with signifi cant underlying comorbidities in a large Australian birth cohort 

Sanjay Jayasinghe

Targeted vaccination campaign for Men W in Northland

Anil Shetty

Saturday 7 September 2019: Immunisation Conference Day Two

Plenary Session 3: Vaccine confidence


Insights from the Vaccine Safety Network

Alberto Tozzi (via video link), Chief Innovation Officer, Bambino Gesu Children's Hospital, Rome, Italy

Maternal immunisation: Protection of mother and infant 

Kathryn Edwards, Professor of Pediatrics, Vanderbilt University Medical School, USA

Addressing vaccine hesitancy and refusal

Julie Leask, Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Sydney

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Communicating maternal immunisations - a midwifery perspective

Adrienne Priday, Clinical Educator Midwifery, AUT University

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Plenary Session 4: Equity

Here’s the truth: We know how to close the indigenous immunisation coverage gap!

Katrina Clark, NCIRS, Australia

Understanding immunisation inequities for tamariki Maori 

Esther Willing, Lecturer, Kohatu - Centre for Hauora Maori, University of Otago

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Exploring inequities for immunisation and disease among migrant and refugee children in New Zealand

Nadia Charania, Lecturer, Department of Public Health, AUT


Exploring inequities for immunisation and disease among migrant and refugee children in New Zealand

Janine Paynter, Research Fellow, the University of Auckland

Dispelling myths: Refugee health and immunisation

Helen Saunders, GP, Refugee Health Screening Service, Auckland Regional Public Health Service

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Concurrent Sessions 3
1030 Maternal vaccination Vaccine safety surveillance Improving coverage equity OIS networking

Determinants of antenatal infl uenza and pertussis vaccination uptake in Canberra, Australia

Callum Thirkell

Demonstrating human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine safety in Australia using active, text message-based surveillance

Alexis Pillsbury

Effective HPV vaccination with Māori male students: Evaluation of the Uawa Community Health Centre and Tolaga Bay Area School initiative

Hinemoa McLelland 



Vaccination in pregnancy: Uptake, awareness and the patient journey for Maori women

Natalie Gauld

Improving vaccine safety surveillance using business intelligence software: Victoria, Australia

Hazel Clothier 

Estimating pneumococcal vaccine coverage among Australian Aboriginal children and children with a medically at-risk condition using record linkage 

Alamgir Kabir

Informed choice: Midwives’ experiences and recommendations with vaccinations in pregnancy 
Natalie Gauld

Status epilepticus following vaccination is rare 

Lucy Deng

Immunise Seniors: Improving shingles vaccination uptake 

Amanda Hicks

Plenary 5: Motivating around immunisation


How to talk about Immunisation to motivate evidence led action

Jess Berentson-Shaw, Co-director of The Workshop think-tank

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