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10th NZ Immunisation Conference

Conference presentations

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Thursday 7 September 2017: Pre-conference Workshop
1010 Ministry of Health Immunisation update
  Pharmac update

Pertussis update

Peter McIntyre


Varicella and vaccine hesitancy

Jenny Royle


Cold Chain audit and COOL project

Loretta Roberts & Barbara McArdle

Breakout sessions


Having immunsation conversations with families and Exploring the Challenges of Immunisation Communication

Jenny Royle and Theo Brandt

Understanding immunsation coverage

Ministry of Health

Immunisation delivery best practice

Lisbeth Alley and Trih Wells-Morris


Schedule changes 2017

Anna Wall

Cold chain accreditation and peer moderation

Bernadette Heaphy and Lynette Collis


Understanding immunology

Mary Nowlan

Cold Chain update- never break the chain
Diana Murfitt and Bernadette Heaphy
LinKIDS Canterbury – Learning from the NIR, to connect children with other health services
Bridget Lester

Vaccine safety 

Helen Petousis- Harris

Friday 8 September 2017: Immunisation Conference Day One
Plenary Session 1: Gains and challenges for immunisation worldwide

Immunisation in New Zealand / Aotearoa - progress and challenges

Caroline McElnay

Immunisation challenges in Fiji and Pacific

Litiana Volavola

Global challenges for immunisation and vaccines

Peter Hotez

Concurrent sessions 1
1100 Programmes and communication Vaccine impact in NZ Inequities

Not another immunisation target! Why do we need them?

Rachel Webber

Rotavirus infection in the Auckland region following the implementation of universal infant rotavirus vaccination: impact on hospitalisations and laboratory implications.

Gary McAuliffe

Exploring inequities for immunisation and vaccine preventable diseases among migrant children: the Red Knot (Huahou) Study.

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Nadia Charania

How irrational?: A discussion of rationality and choice as to childhood vaccination.

Mark Jones

VE PCV Effectiveness of the Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines against clinically suspected Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in New Zealand

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Danyon Petousis-Harris

Improving immunisation coverage for Indigenous children in Queensland – what more can we do?

Amanda Hicks

Getting the boys on board - promoting the 2017 changes to HPV immunisation

Bonnie Jones

A retrospective cohort study of the impact of a Group B OMV meningococcal vaccine (MeNZB™) on hospitalisations attributable to gonorrhoea.

Janine Paynter

“Vax Reach”- a mobile, outreach vaccination program to increase vaccination coverage among vulnerable populations.

Karen Bellamy

Plenary Session 2: Vaccine Safety  Surveillance


Vaccine safety: The importance of going beyond passive surveillance - recent examples

Steve Black

Vaccine safety monitoring – How does it work now? 

Susan Kenyon

Vaccine safety monitoring – What do we want to do in the future?

Michael Tatley

Concurrent Sessions 2
1515 Vaccine safety Mitigating immunisation stress Disease epidemiology

Cold Chain failure

Helen August

Strategies to assist in vaccinating needle phobic children

Deidre Brogan and Rosemary Joyce

Epidemiology of varicella zoster infections in Australia, 1998-2015

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Meru Sheel

AusVaxSafety, demonstrating the safety of 2017 seasonal influenza vaccines.

Lucy Deng

Immunisations under sedation at a tertiary paediatric hospital in Melbourne, Australia from 2012-2016.

Kirsten Perrett

Breakthrough pertussis in New Zealand infants and young children

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Hannah Chisholm

Post vaccination febrile seizures: Clinical severity and outcome data is reassuring.

Lucy Deng

Minimising Childhood Immunisation Pain using a cold-numbing device (Coolsense®)

Narelle Jenkins

The changing epidemiology of invasive meningococcal disease in Australia: continuing rise in meningococcal W disease.

Juia Maguire

Saturday 9 September 2015: Immunisation Conference Day Two

Plenary Session 3: Vaccine preventable diseases and vaccine control strategies


HPV immunisation: improving HPV protection through the school immunisation program

Helen Marshall

Live attenuated vaccines for varicella and zoster: Evidence for effectiveness and safety

Steve Black

Pneumococcal vaccine effectiveness and disease control

Peter McIntryre

Concurrent Sessions 3
1030 Opportunities to immunise HPV outcomes Working as one OIS networking stream

A cost benefit analysis of the use of routine serology in reducing the burden of re-immunisation in children who have undergone chemotherapy for childhood cancer.

Fraser Jeffrey

Association of prior HPV vaccination with reduced preterm birth: a population based study

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Anna Howe

Upper Hutt HPV initiative

Karis Harland

“It’s immunisation calling” – a state-wide program to follow up children overdue for immunisation using call centre technology

Amanda Hicks

How useful is a "drop in" immunisation service in a tertiary paediatric hospital?

Deidre Brogan and Rosemary Joyce

The impact of ten years of 4-valent HPV vaccination in Australia: what’s next in HPV prevention in Australia

Cyra Patel and Julia Brotherton

Out with the Old, in with the Flu

Diana Murfitt

IMAC Outreach Immunisation Services Project

Mitch Fray

Every opportunity in partnership…

Lorraine Glover

Prevalence of human papillomavirus positive oropharyngeal cancer in New Zealand

Rebecca Lucas-Roxburgh


Plenary 4: Outbreaks and vaccines on the horizon


Taming the meningococcus

Helen Marshall

Challenges in responding to a pandemic in the 21 century

Charles Blanch

A sneak peek into the future of vaccines

Michael Nissen

Plenary Session 5:  Looking forward

Immunisation – instilling good memories

Anne La Flamme

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