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Zostavax resources for health professionals

  Checklist for the shingles vaccines (Zostavax®) for patients

  Screening tool for the HZV (shingles) vaccine (Zostavax®) for health professionals


  Diseases and medications when live vaccines may be contraindicated

  Quick answers to frequent Zostavax® questions

  Immunisation Handbook 2017 2nd Edition March 2018

  •  Chapter 4 Immunisation of special groups

    • Section 4.3.2 Primary immune deficiencies page 126
    • Section 4.3.3 Secondary (acquired) immune deficiences page 128
      • Individuals receiving corticosteroids
      • Table 4.2 Guidelines for live virus vaccine administration for individuals on high-dose corticosteroids
      • Other immunosuppressive agents
  •  Chapter 22 Zoster (herpes zoster/shingles)

    • Section 22.5 Recommended immunisation schedule page 577
      • Table 22.1 Herpes zoster vaccine (HZV) recommendations
    • Section 22.5.2 Other considerations page 578
      • Individuals with a history of HZ (shingles)
      • Household contacts of immunocompromised individuals
      • Serological testing
    • Section 22.6 Contraindications and precautions page 580
      • Section 22.6.1 Contraindications
      • Section 22.6.2 Precautions
        • Table 22.2 Recommendations for use of herpes zoster vaccine for individuals on immunosuppressive therapy


  Immunisation for older people (HE2540)


  Immunisation for older people - Large print (HE2548)


  After your immunisation Information for teenagers and adults following immunisation (HE2505)

  Prevention of herpes zoster (shingles) through immunisation


   Herpes zoster (shingles)
























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