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Auckland and Midlands cold chain now managed by DHBs

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

IMAC District Immunisation Facilitator contracts have devolved to the individual District Health Boards (DHBs) in the Auckland and Midlands regions.

As of 1 February 2012 individual DHBs in Auckland and Midlands regions are managing the cold chain process. At this time Bay of Plenty DHB has appointed Marilyn Rosewarne as the Local Immunisation Coordinator and Waitemata DHB has requested that IMAC cover the position until 30 June 2012.


IMAC continues to support all the DHBs through the services offered by our Regional Advisors, Education Facilitators, Māori and Pacific Advisors and the 0800 line. The list of Local Immunisation Coordinators on the IMAC website will be updated as positions are filled.


Please read the IMAC letter to health professionals regarding the District Immunisation Facilitator (DIF) contracts for detailed information on who to contact for assistance in the Auckland and Midlands regions.


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National Guidelines for Vaccine Storage and Distribution 2012

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Ministry of Health has released the updated cold chain management guidelines.

These guidelines are for practices to ensure that vaccines delivered within New Zealand have been stored correctly to maximise their effectiveness. These guidelines supersede the Vaccine Storage and Distribution National Standards 2002 and supplement the cold chain policy in the Immunisation Handbook 2011.

The system of transporting and storing vaccines within the recommended temperature range of +2°C to +8°C from the place of their manufacture to the point of vaccine administration is called the ‘cold chain’.  The integrity of the cold chain is dependent not only on the equipment used, but also the people involved and the practices they undertake.

A copy of the 2012 National Guidelines for Vaccine Storage and Distribution can be downloaded in either  Word or  pdf format from the Ministry of Health website or in pdf format from the IMAC Written Resources webpage.

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Cold Chain

The essential cold chain

 The essential cold chain fact sheet sumarises the most important requirements for maintenance of the vaccine cold chain. More in-depth information is available through the document links on this webpage, Ministry of Health National Immunisation Programme cold chain management webpage, current Immunisation Handbook and Cold Chain Management Policy for your service.

The essential data logger

 The essential data logger fact sheet provides an introduction to the use of data loggers to ensure optimal cold chain maintenance. The vaccine refrigerator must be monitored by a data logger that is able to measure, record and download data from the previous month for an immunisation provider to achieve Cold Chain Accreditation.

Cold Chain Accreditation

Cold Chain Accreditation (CCA) is a Ministry of Health initiative for practices/providers to demonstrate effective management of vaccine stocks in the cold chain, as required by existing national standards.

The CCA Provider Self-assessment Form and CCA Immunisation Provider Review Form are available on the Ministry of Health National Immunisation Programme cold chain management webpage.

Annual Cold Chain Management Guide and Record

The Ministry of Health is printing the 2013 Annual Cold Chain Management Guide and Record as a clinic based quality tool to support providers in maintaining high cold chain standards. The guide enables you to:

  • Have instant access to temperature-recording charts at the refrigerator site
  • Use the trouble shooting tips for cold chain problems
  • Have a self audit tool to check your clinic is on target for excellence
  • Keep track of your clinic’s cold chain history
  • Use as an orientation guide for new staff

The 2013 Annual Cold Chain Management Guide and Record can be downloaded and/or ordered from the Ministry of Health website or ordered by phoning Wickliffe on 0800 226 440.

Download a copy of the National Guidelines for Vaccine Storage and Distribution 2012

Download a copy of the  2013 Annual Cold Chain Management Guide and Record

Download a copy of  The Vaccine Cold Chain poster (large file 4.55MB)

Cold Chain Management Policy Template

The Ministry of Health has created a Cold Chain Management Policy template to assist immunisation providers and clinics develop their individualised policy, an essential requirement for Cold Chain Accreditation.

Download a copy of the  Cold Chain Management Policy Template 2013

National Cold-chain Audit

The National Cold-chain Audit (NCCA) is resuming. A new digital monitor. TagAlert®, will be randomly included with schedule vaccine deliveries ftom the end of April/early May. The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) has produced a pictorial guide to reading the TagAlert® monitor and recording the results and provided quick answers to frequent questions about this change to the NCCA.

 ESR Cold-chain Monitor Quick Reference Guide

Vaccine Register

Download a template for an easy to use  Vaccine Register.

For Cold Chain enquiries contact:

Bernadette Heaphy  ph: 027 292 4174

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