NIR collecting 11 year Tdap information

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Ministry of Health is enabling the National Immunisation Register (NIR) to collect information on the 11 year old Tdap immunisation event.

Manual entry of the dTap-11Y vaccination event

The Ministry of Health is enabling capability for manual entry only of the dTap-11Y vaccination event, allowing for the event to be recorded on the NIR.

The child's nominated provider will receive notification of the vaccination event being loading onto the NIR in their PMS provider in-box for acceptance. The dTap-11Y event needs to be the event scheduled in the PMS, and not the historic AG-dTap-IPV-11Y to ensure the vaccination update is successful.

For electronic loading of the dTap-11Y vaccination event via SBVS or PMS systems

The birth cohort rule currently prohibits the electronic loading of dTap-11Y vaccination events onto the NIR for children born before 2005.

This issue is continuing to be worked on by the software vendor Orion to enable all dTap-11Y vaccination events to be electronically captured.

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