Here you'll find a variety of resources relating to immunisation and vaccine-preventable diseases

Written Resources

This includes our usual factsheets as well as Ministry of Health GP faxes, immunisation related reports, journal articles and immunisation programme and schedule documents.


These videos will cover a range of immunisation- related topics. At this stage check out our first three videos about whooping cough.

Immunisation Handbook 2011

The handbook provides extensive information regarding all vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases on the New Zealand Schedule. This link will take you directly to the Ministry of Health's website to view an electronic version of the handbook.

Well Child/Tamariki Ora Progamme

This page provides access to the recently revised Well Child/Tamarik Ora National Schedule and Practitioner Handbook.

Useful Links

Here you will find a range of websites we recommend for further information and advice regarding immunisation, vaccine preventable diseases and specific issues.

Piercing Memories

A place to read people's personal experiences with vaccine-preventable diseases.