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Current research activities

Epidemiological studies

  • Pertussis study
    • Geographically mapping the hospitalisations and notifications for pertussis against vaccine coverage
    • Funded by GSK
  • Pneumococcal study
    • Geographically mapping the hospitalisations and notifications for pertussis against vaccine coverage
    • Funded by the  Health Research Council of NZ
  • HPV school-based study in ADHB
    • Three studies exploring the uptake of HPV vaccine in ADHB, the declines, the media and the 0800 advisory line
    • Funded by the University of Auckland Summer Studentship programme
  • Influenza vaccine safety studies
    • Several surveys over assessing the safety (primarily fever) of influenza vaccines in 2010 and 2011 in various age groups
    • Around 4000 doses of vaccine currently assessed
    • Four different brands
    • Adults
    • Youth
    • Children
    • Infants
    • Funded jointly by IMAC, Sanofi Pasteur, CSL and GSK
  • SHIVERS – Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness Research and Surveillance
    • Describing the epidemiology, etiology and outcome of influenza in hospital and primary care in Auckland
    • Assess the annual effectiveness of vaccination via laboratory confirmed influenza in general and vulnerable populations
    • Part of large collaborative study between ESR (Host, Sue Huang). University of Auckland (Co-PI Nikki Turner),Auckland District Health Board
    • (Sally Roberts) and University of Otago (Co-PI Michael Baker)
    • Funded by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), USA. 

Clinical and biomedical studies

Pertussis in Pregnancy Safety (PIPS) Study

A three-component observational study to assess the safety of pertussis vaccine (Tdap) administered during pregnancy

Principal Investigator: Dr Helen Petousis-Harris , The University of Auckland

Principal Investigator: Dr Tony Walls (Canterbury), University of Otago & Canterbury District Health Board

Project Manager: Ms Donna Watson

Vaccination of pregnant women has been practiced and recommend for many years, particularly the influenza vaccine. There are no safety concerns with vaccinating pregnant women and they are able to pass antibodies on to their baby before the birth. 

The ongoing monitoring of vaccine safety is an important part of any vaccination programme.  This study will evaluate health outcomes in infants of mothers vaccinated with Tdap during pregnancy and describe adverse events in pregnant women who received Tdap vaccine.

Study One will involve de-identified data for all pregnant women and their infants for the period 2009–2013. The intensive monitoring studies will prospectively follow the mother for one month after vaccination (Study Two) with a further group being followed for both maternal and infant outcomes for one year from the birth of the infant (Study Three).

The study will conclude early 2016.

The study is supported by GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals and Canterbury District Health Board.

  • FAR trial – Factors Associated with Reactogenicity
    • Factors such as stress, inflammatory factors, injection technique and health history and associations with reactogenicity after Gardasil vaccination in young women and men
    • Funded by University of Auckland Doctoral research funding and IMAC.
  • COUGH study
    • How much ‘cough’ that presents to primary care is pertussis?
    • Funded by GSK
  • InVaSS – Influenza Vaccine Safety Surveillance
    • Active surveillance of 2011 Fluvax® influenza vaccine safety
    • Funded by CSL

Social research

  • TriNations study
    • Qualitative study examining the barriers to immunisation in high deprivation households visited by Outreach Immunisation Services in the Auckland District Health Board area
    • Collaboration between Sydney, Leeds and Auckland
    • Auckland arm funded by IMAC

Health services research

  • PPASS – Paired Practice and Sentinal Site
    • Paired practice assessment, development of optimal systems and processes for immunisation delivery
    • Funded by IMAC
  • Best Practice at the Practice
    • Interviews and audit of high performing general practices
    • Funded by GSK

Last updated: Apr 2017