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Research Article 2012 Antigen Review for the New Zealand National Immunisation Schedule: Varicella-zoster virus mnow613
Research Article Implementing hospital-based surveillance for severe acute respiratory infections caused by influenza and other respiratory pathogens in New Zealand. tbra005
Research Article Effectiveness of seasonal trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in preventing influenza hospitalisations and primary care visits in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2013. tbra005
Research Article When is acute persistent cough in school-age children and adults whooping cough? A prospective case series study. tbra005
Research Article Assessing the effectiveness of cold chain management for childhood vaccines. tbra005
Research Article Barriers to childhood immunisation among New Zealand mothers tbra005
Research Article Climate change: The implications for child health in Australasia. tbra005
Research Article Comparison of general practitioner and practice nurse percieved barriers to immunisation uptake. tbra005
Research Article Determining immunisation coverage rates in primary care practices: a simple goal but a complex task. tbra005
Research Article Evaluation of a decision-making aid for parents regarding childhood immunizations. tbra005
Research Article Family Physician perspectives on barriers to childhood immunisation. tbra005
Research Article Family practice nurse views on barriers to immunising children. tbra005
Research Article Follow-up of MMR Vaccination Status in Children Referred to a Pediatric Immunization Clinic on Account of Egg Allergy. tbra005
Research Article Immunisation education in the antenatal period tbra005
Research Article New Zealand mothers' knowledge of and attitudes towards immunisation. tbra005
Research Article Midlife ideals and lack of balance: RNZCGP Oration. mnow613
Research Article Parent views on school based immunisation: A survey of parents of year 1 and 6 children in three diverse Auckland schools. mnow613
Research Article Primary health care funding for children under six years of age in New Zealand: why is this so hard? mnow613
Research Article Suggestions for improving the monitoring of adverse events following immunization in New Zealand. mnow613
Research Article The challenge of improving immunization coverage: the New Zealand example. mnow613
Research Article The New Zealand national immunisation hotline - what are callers seeking? mnow613
Research Article New Zealand: The urgent need to focus on child health. mnow613
Research Article The use of parent held diaries to assess reactions to vaccinations mnow613
Research Article Understanding and predicting parental decision about early childhood immunizations. mnow613
Research Article Uptake of postnatal services for mothers of newborn babies up to eight weeks of age. mnow613