Well Child Tamariki Ora Week

23–28 February 2015

The focus in 2015 is the core visit at 5–7 months of age. Two important components of this visit are assessment of the child’s development, and helping parents take a central role in supporting their child’s development.

Children learn from experiences such as positive interactions with responsive parents and caregivers, and from their environment. By five months of age infants are awake for longer periods of time and they want to interact. Most like to watch faces, make babbling sounds to mimic what they hear, take an interest in the world beyond their parents, play with others, and reach for toys.

In the early years, learning is the child’s play. One way we can support positive interactions between parents and their child is by providing safe, inexpensive play ideas.

WHO – World Immunisation Awareness Week

20–26 April 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Immunisation Awareness Week to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease by raising immunisation awareness, access and coverage.