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Engerix-B replaces HBvaxPRO on Schedule until 2019

HBvaxPRO® 5mcg and 10mcg strength vaccines are currently out of stock. Stock is not expected to be available until early 2019.

  • Engerix®-B 20mcg is the funded hepatitis B vaccine for: 
    • Children and young adults aged under 18 years, to catch-up missed doses of vaccine, or who are considered not to have achieved a positive serology and require additional vaccination.
    • Adults aged 18 years or older who meet the 'special groups' eligibility criteria.
  • HBvaxPRO® 40mcg stock continues to be available and is funded for adults aged 18 years or older who are on renal dialysis or who are liver or kidney transplant patients. 

Please visit our HBvaxPRO vaccine page for details on:

  • Eligibility for funded hepatitis B vaccination
  • Vaccine administration
  • Catch-up schedules

 Download the fact sheet Engerix®-B replaces HBvaxPRO® 5mcg and 10mcg until 2019.

Last updated: Feb 2018