The Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC), located at the University of Auckland is dedicated to providing independent, factual information about immunisation including benefits and any associated risks. The information provided is based on New Zealand and international medical research.

Primary funding for IMAC is provided by:

New Zealand Ministry of Health

Additional funding

  • IMAC receives additional funding from a variety of sources for specific research projects.
  • Private industry offers some minimal funding for special projects such as financial support to aid in the distribution of our newsletter.
  • Our annual workshops and bi-annual conferences are partially funded through private industry sponsorship. This funding is provided in the form of educational grants that are not targetted for any specific topic within the workshop/conference.

Potential conflicts of interest

IMAC reports no conflicts of interest relevant to the information on the site or any aspects of the organisation, financial or otherwise.

IMAC maintains independent control over its expenditure and any publications, teaching material and/or print material that may result.

Our sponsorship policy is available here.

A summary of current and the past five years of funding is avaialble here.