Immunisation target in sight

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Thw World Health Organization recommends 95% immunisation coverage. New Zealand has almost met that target.

To achieve 95% immunisation coverage by 30 June 2012 New Zealand needs to immunise 495 more children who are almost two years old. Coverage has improved from only 67% of two years olds up-to-date with their immunisations in 2007 to around 92% in 2012 due to hard work by Districy Health Boards, Primary Health Organisations, Practice Nurses, GPs, Outreach Immunisation Services and other health providers.

Reaching the target of 95% immunisation coverage for two year olds protects older children who have received immunisation and also those who have not been immunised, by reducing the number of disease cases in the community and disease spread.

From 1st July 2012 immunisation coverage focuses on infants with a target of 95% of infants up-to-date with their immnunisations by eight months old. Again, protection from disease, particularly for a group extremely vulnerable to diseases like whooping cough, is the reason behind the coverage target. Click on the link to read the media release about immunisation coverage by Health MinisterTony Ryall.

The majority of New Zealand parents choose to immunise, in the minority are parents who actively decline to immunise their children and parents who haven't decided about immunisation or haven't been able to arrange for their child or children to be immunised.

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